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SKYFchain in a nutshell                                                            Nederlandse versie

Unmanned airplanes carrying cargo from A to B. This is what SKYFchain focuses on right now. SKYFchain wants to replace the logistics that now consist of people and means of transport with robots. In the first place you can think of flying drones. But the ambitions of SKYFchain go even further than that. In the future they also want to use unmanned freighters and trucks. Blockchain and smart contracts are used for the financial and administrative part of the logistics. View the introduction video of SKYFchain below.

SKYFchain is the sequel to an earlier project SKYF drone. During this project a flying drone was developed that can carry a maximum of 400 kilo’s and cover a distance of 350 kilometers. Watch the video below to see the drone fly.


SKYFchain crypto coin

The currency of SKYFchain is called SKYFT. The currency is used for all transactions in the SKYFchain network. The customer can pay with normal money or cryptocurrency to send cargo, for example the euro. The payment is converted into SKYFT. Then the freight from the Netherlands goes to England. In England the value of the delivery is paid in the British pound. This is converted into SKYFT and then paid in Euro’s to the sender. By using SKYFT it doesn’t matter that the sender and receiver have different currencies.

Smart contracts are used as the basis for all transactions in the SKYFchain network. Smart contracts are digital contracts that execute themselves. In addition, they are safe by using blockchain technology. In this case, for example, the smart contract could ensure that the cargo doesn’t leave until the costs for transportation has been paid by the client. The blockchain makes this transaction transparent and provides certenty that the payment has been made. Then the drone takes off. The cargo is then only delivered when the payment of the cargo has been made. It is also clear where the cargo is and what the status is. In this way, the financial and administrative part of the logistics is carried out automatically in a secure manner. Which also saves manpower.


SKYFchain team

CEO (director): Alexander Timofeev

Alexander Timofeev has extensive experience in attracting investments worldwide for international high-tech projects. He is the founder and CEO of microbor-nanotech, founder and management partner of InvestKino and of the FPI innovation fund.

CMO (marketing director): Maxim Khabur

Maxim Khabur has experience as a marketing director at FPI, director at Young & Rubican Group, senior marketing manager at Added Value and senior manager marketing and communication at TNK BP.

Qualities of the other team members:

  • Engineer with experience in high-tech investments.
  • Computer science and applied math, developer and head of a number of software start-ups that are involved in big data analyses.
  • Several team members with experience of design and production in the aviation industry.
  • Legal experience in hedging, international financial deals and international coöperation of companies.
  • PR and communication for technical companies, universities and research agencies
  • Chief engineer for CAD systems (digital technical design system)
  • International accountant, strategic consultant, sales and marketing manager
  • Structuring technical projects, attracting investments and bringing start-ups to the international market.
  • Journalist, PR and marketing and advertising expert with 2 years of cryptocurrency experience.
  • Digital marketing and product management
  • Software developers, of whom 1 of them has experience in developing a controlpannel for an unmanned aircraft.


  • PR for more than 150 blockchain companies
  • Management partner in a blockchain technology company
  • Expert in the development of international / global companies
  • ICO advisor

Do you want to know more about the team members and how experienced they are in their field? View the team here SKYF chain


SKYFchain development

As mentioned earlier, SKYFchain originated from the SKYF drone project that started in 2014. At that time, 5 million on investments were collected to develop the first flying cargo drone. This unmanned drone became a reality in the last quarter of 2017. The plans for 2018 are:

  • The development of a private blockchain
  • Establishing an international legal structure
  • Salling the first SKYF cargo drone
  • Development of required data and logic in close coöperation with other parties involved in drone cargo transport, such as: governments, banks and customers.
  • Expansion of the partner network to areas where there is limited regulation for drones, such as Russia, ex-Soviet states, Asia and Africa

Longer term goals are growth in the sales of cargo drones and expansion in areas in which the drones are allowed to fly. Secondly adding unmanned freighters and trucks. And finally, the development of passenger drones.

The complete roadmap can be read on SKYF chain

ICOs in the same industry

There are a number of other ICOs that focus on making the logistics world more efficiënt when it comes to payments and paperwork. There are also ICOs that deal with drones, but not in the logistics field.

As far as we know there is no other ICO that deals with drones in the logistics field combined with the use of blockchain and smart contracts. It seems that SKYFchain has a monopoly position in this respect.

If other ICOs are known in the same field, please let us know in the comments at the bottom of the blog.

Advantages and points of attention


  • Monopoly position on the cargo drone market combined with smart contracts and bockchain.
  • Far ahead of future developers when it comes to the technology of cargo drones and the use of logistical smart contracts.
  • First freight drone is already a reality, sales will start this year. Several companies have already shown interest.
  • SKYFchain is an investment in something that already exists in real life and is well on its way to full realization.
  • If SKYFdrone becomes a success, they have a monopoly position in a huge market. This can certainly generate huge profits for early investors.
  • In addition to income for investors due to the price increase of SKYFT, investors also receive 25% of all transaction costs.
  • Costs of transport with cargo drones will be significantly lower because wages will be saved. This makes it attractive for companies to switch from regular means of transport to unmanned transport.
  • Team members have experience in the different fields required: aviation technology, international legal and financial regulations, international business, marketing, drones, computer technology, blockchain and ICOs. Missing experience might be someone with specialized knowledge in the logistics sector.
  • Transport with unmanned vehicles is more environmentally friendly, because there will be less acceleration and braking. Unmanned vehicles can also platoon. This saves fuel.
  • Fewer accidents expected, because no human errors are being made.

Points of attention:

  • The technique of unmanned means of transport is still new. All upcoming errors have to be dealth with. In addition, the unmanned means of transportation must be able to coördinate well with means of transport that are controlled by people, since not everyone will have an unmanned means of transport yet.
  • In many countries flying with cargo drones is strictly regulated. SKYFchain is in a pioneering position. In the expansion unknown bumps will come on the road, which have to be overcome.
  • It is possible that countries where there is none or limited regulation for freight drones, new regulations may arise when the cargo drones start flying. SKYFchain will have to keep on adapting to this.
  • For competitors, it will be easier to start after SKYFchain has solved all the bumps on the road. Therefore investment will be lower for future cargo drone developers, as a result of which they may be able to offer the same at a lower cost price. SKYFchain will have to be in the lead continuously to maintain their competitive position.
  • When it becomes clear that unmanned cargo vehicles are the future, it will cost many jobs in the logistics sector.
  • Insuring drones is very expensive, because in an accident it is often unclear who the guilty party is. SKYFchain hopes to make the flight data transparent with blockchain, so that the guilty party can be identified and the costs of insurance can be reduced.
Invest in SKYFchain

PreICO started 1 March 2018

1 SKYFT with 40% bonus is € 0.032

Minimum investment: 3000 SKYFT

Hard cap PreICO was: 51 300 000 SKYFT

PreICO was sold out within 5 days

ICO starting March 2018

The hard cap of the PreICO has been achieved, the ICO has started.

In the ICO bonuses will expire in phases from 30% to 0%. Keep an eye on our social media and calander to see which percentage is valid at the moment. A phase ends when the amount of SKYFT of that phase has been sold out.

1 SKYFT without bonus is € 0.053
Hard cap ICO: 528 000 000 SKYFT

Unsold SKYFT are destroyed at the end of the ICO. If all coins are sold, a total of 1 200 000 000 SKYFT will be in circulation. The remaining SKYFT are divided between the team, development funds, reserve and marketing.


You can purchase SKYFT with Ethereum or Bitcoin

An Ethereum wallet is required to be able to receive SKYFT. It needs to be an original Ethereum wallet, you can not receive SKYFT on an Ethereum exchange wallet.

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