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Truegame in a nutshell                                                               Nederlandse versie

Truegame is an online games of chance platform. Truegame uses blockchain to provide insight into the winning odds and profit distributions and therefore to exclude fraud. To achive this smart contracts are used. Smart contracts are contract where different things can be registred in. The contracts implement themselves via the blockchain. For example in the case of Truegame, the smart contract determines the winner and the smart contract makes sure the winner gets payed. The gaming website has been online and functioning since the end of 2017, at this moment you can already play 10 games of chance based on smart contracts. View and play the games on Truegame .

Casinos and gambling websites have a reputation of being unreliable when it comes to winning chances and paying out the winnings. At the moment the odds and winnings are not clear to the public, wich provides for a shady character. Blockchain is used to make profit distributions transparent for everyone and smart contracts are being used to calculate the winning odds. The smart contract for example can determine the winning combination. With all this the current problems in reliability are being tackled. Until now, blockchain has been seen as a system that can not be hacked and so far blockchain is proving it’s worth. This makes the reliability of blockchain very high. Truegame clearly distinguishes itself on reliability by using blockchain and smart contracts from other gambling and gaming platforms.


Truegame cryptovaluta

The cryptocoin of Truegame is called TGAME and is used to carry out the transactions on the gambling and gaming platform. If you want to know the value of TGAME, see below at “Investing in Truegame”.


Truegame team

Named below are the team members who are involved with Truegame and the experience they have.

CEO (Director): Dmitry Danilov

Experience in online retail at the Ottogroup, known in the Netherlands by: Zalando, Otto, Klingel and BonPrix. He is also an investor in startups and real estate. He has extensive experience in setting up online businesses and managing teams that work at a distance from each other.

CMO (Marketing Director): Dmitry Shchuvatov

10 years of global experience in performance marketing. This is marketing, where the advertiser only pays when the advert reaches it’s goal, like affiliate marketing.

Qualities of the other team members:

  • Affiliate marketing and e-mail marketing
  • Affiliate marketing, media and communication in the gambling industry
  • Advertising, digital marketing and organizing large business events
  • Expert in listing cryptocurrency on crypto exchanges
  • Financial analyst
  • Blockchain developer with extensive computer software experience.
  • Algorithm developer
  • Website developer, specialized in the front end of the website.
  • UX designer: focuses on improving the user experience of websites.
  • All-round website developer


  • Cryptocurrency
  • Online gaming, blockchain companies and IT projects
  • Managing communication, PR and obtaining licenses in the gambling industry
  • Management, product development and advisor in the gambling industry
  • Blockchain
  • Legal side of the crypto world
  • Entrepreneurship and raising funds for online businesses, online gaming, crypto and emerging technologies.
  • Online gaming
  • ICO marketing

Do you want to know more about the team members and how experienced they are in their field? View the team Truegame ICO


Development of Truegame

Novemeber 2016 the Truegame project started. From that time on the team has been busy developing all the parts needed for the blockchain based games of chance platform. Truegame was registered as a company in Costa Rica in November 2017. In December 2017, the working website was launched for the public. In February 2018, the TGAME cryptocoin was launched and can be purchased at the Pre-ICO from March. Future plans: development of various games of chance, expanding FIAT payment options and payment with different cryptocurrency’s, website in 11 languages, mobile app and rollout of different marketing strategies.

The complete roadmap can be viewed at Truegame ICO


ICOs in the same industry

There are quite a few ICOs that focus on the gambling industry. It is a competitive and growing sector.


Advantages and points of attention


  • The use of blockchain and smart contracts offers great added value in terms of reliability in the gambling industry.
  • Team members and advisers have a variety of experience in the crypto world and associated blockchain and other technology, the gambling industry and various forms of marketing.
  • The gambling industry is still a growing market, annual growth for the coming years is estimated at 18% per year.
  • Truegame is the first fully functioning games of chance platform based on blockchain that offers multiple games.
  • Long-term investors receive part of the proceeds from the sale on the website. This is therefore an extra profit on top of the profit that you can make on the increasing exchange rate.
  • Short-term investors may be able to make a profit quickly, because immediately after the TGAME coinsales, extended effort will be made on attracting players to the website.
  • According to Truegame there are already agreements with cryptocurrences to list TGAME. It is expected that after the TGAME PreICO TGAME can be exchanged.
  • TGAME will not be the only (crypto) currency that can be used on the Truegame website. For example, you can also deposit Bitcoin. Truegame will be the first blockchain project where you can also use FIAT, for example dollars. It is therefore not only accessible to players with cryptocurrency.


Points of attention:

  • Many other ICOs also focus on the gambling industry. There is a lot of competition.
  • Gambling licenses must be obtained per country in order to make FIAT possible (credit card, ideal, etc.). Truegame is licensed for Curaçao. Applications for other licences have been applied for.
  • Governments are constantly changing the rules around the gambling industry. This makes the future uncertain for every gambling and gaming company.
  • Possible future regulation of authorities in the field of cryptocurrency and the consequences of this for Truegame.
  • Risk of fraud by scammers and hackers. They are focused on the gambling industry. The chance that they will try to commit fraud with Truegame is present.


Investing in Truegame

The PreICO for Truegame has started. See the rates and bonuses below

PreICO phase 1: 05.03.2018 – 18.03.2018, 40% bonus, 1 ETH = 12.950 TGAME (including bonus). 1 TGAME = € 0.07
PreICO phase 2: 19.03.2018 – 01.04.2018, 30% bonus, 1 ETH = 12.025 TGAME (including bonus). 1 TGAME = € 0.075
PreICO phase 3: 02.04.2018 – 15.04.2018, 20% bonus, 1 ETH = 11,100 TGAME (including bonus). 1 TGAME = € 0.081

Prices after the PreIco, 1 ETH = 9.250 TGAME. 1 TGAME = € 0.097

Minimum investment: 0.2 Ethereum

Maximum number of TGAME coins: 300,000,000

Preregistration (whitelist): Yes

Identify as an investor (KYC): Not now, possibly in the future


Ready to invest in Truegame? Go to  Truegame ICO


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