TrustedCars Flex: Station wagon today, Lambo next week? With this crypto no problem…

TrustedCars Flex in a nutshell                                                       Nederlandse versie

Also having trouble deciding which car suits you best? Unfortunately, you usualy can only buy one. Or do you just need a car every now and then, and is it really a waste of money to have a car all year round? The current consumer needs flexibility and always wants something different. The solution to all these problems: TrustedCars Flex. With TrustedCars Flex you search for a car on the app, you sign through the app, pick up the car and keep the car as long as you want. Want a different model? No problem, just look for another one. Want to go crazy? Go for that Lambo … and that while your crypto isn’t even to the moon yet!

I can hear you thinking, this is already possible with something called rental cars? Or lease? What is new about this? The difference is that through TrustedCars Flex you rent the used cars that are for sale at the car dealerships. The car dealers have the advantage that their stationary capital still yields something. The renters have the advantage that it is cheaper than the current rental cars and you are not attached to it as with lease. For a car dealer, an occasion costs an average of $ 15 per day and is on average 100 days for sale. You can do the math on what the benefits are if (a part of) it is rented out. That’s a win / win situation. For the renter the price is all inclusive (except for gas) and you are not tied to a contract. TrustedCars Flex is also a good business solution. Companies are not tied to leasing contracts, while their employees are already resigned. If a car is needed for a project basis, TrustedCars Flex is cheaper than a rental car. Wondering how it works? Watch the video below.


TrustedCars Flex Cryptocurrency

The TrustedCars Flex coin is called FLEX. The currency will be used to pay for all services via the TrustedCars Flex App. Look at the picture below to see what FLEX is used for. At the start of TrustedCars Flex, the rent can also be paid with FIAT currency. For the value see the investment chapter.


TrustedCars Flex team

CEO Simon Toprak – Founder and Director

Simon Toprak has a Master in Management and a Major in Finance and Innovation Managament. He worked for years as a management consultant at major banks and carbrands. Then he founded Trusted Cars.

CTO Sascha Vorderstemann – Founder and Director of Technology

Sascha Vorderstemann has experience with the establishment of development teams in innovative web developments. As director of Elio, he was responsible for the technical development of various successful e-commerce platforms.

Qualities of other team members:

  • Software developers with blockchain and coding experience
  • Experience in the sale and rental of cars from different functions
  • Front-end design of websites
  • IT
  • Insurances
  • Customer service
  • Marketing and communication
  • Business and product development


  • Blockchain and start-ups
  • Managing and improving the carfleet management of large car companies and accountant and manager of business developments at Mercedes Benz.
  • Blockchain and crypto expert
  • E-commerce and logistics expert
  • Tax consultant and accountant
  • Marketing, sales and price expert
  • Strategy and business development
  • Legal advisor

Want to know more about the experience of different teammembers and advisors? Read the whitepaper here  Trusted Cars Whitepaper


Development of TrustedCars Flex

Trusted Cars has already established an existing platform in 2016 selling new and used cars Trusted Cars A new part of this platform will be TrustedCars Flex where the occasions can also be rented. Trusted Cars has been recognized as an innovative company in Germany and has won several awards for the concept. In 2017, a total of 30,000 used cars on the website were for sale, at present there are about 8,000. Trusted Cars already has collaborations with the TUV (inspection company in Germany), a bank (for financing), car dealers, insurance and guarantee companies. Plans for 2018 are:

  • FLEX currency sales
  • Listing on crypto-exchanges
  • Development and integration of blockchain and smart contracts
  • Beta launch of the system in collaboration with one of the dealers

TrustedCars Flex will be launched in Germany in the first half of 2019. There will be an iOS and android app. The payment with FLEX in the system is also possible and the website will be translated into several languages.

From the second half of 2019 TrustedCars Flex will be extended into Europe. Other car services will also be added later on. From 2020 there will also be an expansion to the USA and the rest of the world. In addition, collaborating parties can promote the use of FLEX currency separately from the TrustedCars Flex platform.

Do you want to view the complete roadmap? Read the whitepaper here  Trusted Cars Whitepaper


Ico’s in the same industry

The whole concept of renting out occasions is fairly new. There are several ICOs that focus on sharing and renting cars. Below are a number of ICOs that are in the same market.

HireGo is an ICo that focuses on lending each other’s car for a fee. The Blockchain is used to provide more certainty about the identity of the various participants, the state of the vehicle and the reliability of the rental contract.

MiCars is an ICO that focuses on renting luxury cars without having to spend hours at a counter. The cars can be picked up at a MiCar location.

There are existing occasion dealers in the Netherlands who already rent used cars. It still seems to be in the starting phase and they are generally independant dealers that do not fall under one platform.

On the current market there are also various other solutions for temporary car ownership or rent. View the different options and their characteristics in the overview below.

In the current market short-term and long-term solutions are mainly present, but there are little solutions for the middle-term. The short-term solution is often too expensive for the middle-term or insufficiently reliable. There are already companies in the Netherlands that rent out used cars. What TrustedCars Flex can do is ensure that all these separate occasion-dealers can be found on one platform, making the occasion-dealers easy to find. TrustedCars Flex can become the new marketplace for occasion-rental.

Advantages and points of attention


  • It is a solution for different groups of people, such as people who do not have enough money to buy a car, people who only need a car every now and then, people who like to change cars regularly or for people who do not want to get stuck to maintenance and unexpected costs.
  • There is interest in the concept on the market, as there are already occasion dealers who rent used cars.
  • TrustedCars Flex can make a major contribution to making this new concept more public. Occasion-dealers will therefore get customers easier. In doing so, TrustedCars Flex takes over the entire technical development of the system, of which most independent dealers do not have any knowledge.
  • The concept has the potential to give the car ownership market a whole new direction.
  • TrustedCars Flex focuses on a market worth 3 trillion worldwide. There is no car dealer who controls even 1% of this market, let alone can reach a large part of this market. TrustedCars Flex can play a major role here by bringing the dealers together.
  • TrustedCars Flex offers the same conditions to the customer wherever the car comes from. This makes the rental-conditions more clear to the customer and they can focus on searching for the car they want.
  • The customer has a good overview of which rental vehicles are available on the market through TrustedCars Flex. They do not have to search for different dealers themselves.
  • The blockchain, smart contracts and the FLEX currency ensure a high level of reliability and security when it comes to automating rental contracts, the convenience of selecting a car, signing and paying via the app and receiving money when the services are delivered / received.
  • The concept has little or no financial risk. Unused capital is being used to earn some extra money. No investments need to be made. If there is no rental, there is no extra loss. The cars remain for sale during rental.
  • There are sharp insurance rates, because TrustedCars Flex insures on a large scale. In the future, smart contracts can be used for insurance policies, making the price even sharper. In addition, a special system can be installed in the car which rewards the user for proper use of the car. This gives less risk of damage and therefore also a lower insurance premium.
  • TrustedCars Flex earns a commission on the rental contracts and when the car gets sold to the renter. In addition, the dealers can advertise to stand out. Finally, parties offering other car services can also offer these via the app, for which TrustedCars Flex also receives a commission.

Points of attention

  • The innovative concept of renting of used vehicles is already being used in the Netherlands and possibly other countries. This shows in any case that the concept is also found interesting by other companies. These companies can pose a threat because they are already using this concept. At the same time, they can also be the ones who can make TrustedCars Flex big if they want to work with them. The most important thing for TrustedCars Flex is that the occasiondealers want to cooperate with Trusted Cars Flex. The fact that they already cooperate with 100 major cardealers in Germany in the area of ​​the sale of used vehicles is a positive sign.
  • The question is whether the cryptocurrency FLEX offers added value. Trusted Cars Flex indicates that the advantage of using FLEX is that payments via the smart contract are safer for both parties. The renting party only pays when the services are delivered, the selling party is guaranteed to receive his money when he has delivered the services. TrustedCars Flex chooses to start payment with FIAT money, like euros and they offer the possibility to pay with FLEX. Question is when FLEX will become the only payment method? Why not start with only FLEX as a payment method right away?

Investing in TrustedCars Flex

Do you also believe in this new way of car use? Read here how you can invest in Trusted Cars Flex.


From May 23, 2018, the preICO will start until May 30, 2018. Bonus is 50%, up to 40,000,000 FLEX for sale during the preICO.

From June 11, 2018, the main sale will start until July 9, 2018. Bonus will go from 40% to 5% per 120,000,000 sold FLEX.


Minimum purchase is 700 FLEX. 1 FLEX is 0.07 euro without bonuses.

520,000,000 FLEX will be sold. In total, 800,000,000 FLEX will be issued. 280,000,000 FLEX goes to the team and the company. Softcap is 10,000,000 FLEX.

FLEX is an ERC20 coin, based on the Ethereum platform. You therefore need an original Ethereum wallet to receive FLEX.

Ready to invest? Invest in Trusted Cars

Keep an eye out for our agenda and social media to see which bonus is valid. Information on the FLEX website is always the most up-to-date.

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