Worldopely: Ready to make real money with real life Monopoly?

Worldopely in a nutshell                                                                         Nederlandse versie

Do you remember Pokémon Go? That game on your mobile phone where you could catch Pokémons in the real world. Pokémon Go is an example of augmented reality games. Augmented reality means adapted reality. You see the reality on your phone or tablet to which additional information is added. Worldopely is an augmented reality game. You see the real world. The Monopoly game is added on. The nice thing about Worldopely is that you can play Monepoly in your own environment or in an environment that you have always dreamed of, such as New York or the Bahamas. The world is your playingfield. Nice side-effect … you can also make money with it, without it costing money. Interested how that works? Then read on. Watch the Worldopely introduction video below.

In the game you can buy different streets throughout the world. You can build shops, houses and flats on these streets. With this you earn income, which you have collect on time, otherwise other players can take your revenues. You also earn money when players walk through your streets. With the income you can continue building. You can make it difficult for eachother by destroying buildings and taking over streets. Of course you can also protect yourself against this. This makes the game competitive. It is also possible to collaborate with other players to buy larger streets or structures. View a demo of the game below. The game is still under development.

The nice thing about this game is that the Worldopely economy doesn’t only takes place in the game, but also in the real world. Taking the concept of augmented reality a step further. The winnings that you make in the game can be paid out in cryptocurrency. Each player starts with the same amount of money, with this one street and one building of choice can be bought. As previously mentioned, you earn money with your streets and buildings. You can also put your own money in the game, so you have more opportunities to expand.

Smart contracts and blockchain are used in the game to increase the security of the transactions and to have them run automatically. DAG technology is also used. With DAG, transactions are not processed by miners, but the transactions confirm each other. So when a player makes a transaction, he confirms the previous transaction. A kind of chain-reaction. The advantage of using DAG in Worldopely is that transactions that have to be confirmed by miners cost time and money. In a game, delays and costs for every action disturb the experience. For example, if you buy an item from another player and this takes 2 minutes and adding extra costs, this influences the experience and playability of the game. Finally, blockchain is also used to make use of crypto in the game possible. Via blockchain and DAG a direct communication platform is also set up for communication between player and game developer.

Worldopely crypto-coin

The currency of Worldopely is called WPT. The WPT tokens can be purchased on the Worldopely website or in the game. In addition, WPT will also be available on crypto-exchanges. Because a large part of WPT will be used in the game, the amount on the exchanges will be limited, which is good for the value. For more information, read more about investing in Worldopoly.


Worldopely team

Chief Operating Director: Jura Hölzel 

Jura Hölzel is co-founder of PeperMint talents and founder and director of a consulting company. In addition, he has experience in strategic advice and campaign management of a number of political campaigns in Austria and Germany.


Chief Technology Officer: Sergey Sergeenko 

Sergey Sergeenko has 13 years of experience in developing software. He has experience as a technical director and has a master’s in computer science and applied mathematics. He has written a book about developing web apps. In addition, he won an international competition twice about implementing ERP systems. ERP systems are software systems that support the processes within a company, for example making activities more efficiënt. Sergey Sergeenko is certified at Princeton University, Stanford University and Zend Technologies.

Chief Executive Officer: Sebastian Schneider 

Sebastian Schneider is the founder and CEO of dotcom Ventures Holding AG, based in Switzerland. This company invests in innovative IT Start Up programs, especially in mobile projects. He is also co-founder of Lindenvalley GmbH and Sebastian Schneider studied law and has an MBA.


Qualities of the other team members:

  • Director and founder of an app development company, setting up start-ups, developing software and managing software development teams.
  • PR
  • Experience with international customer relations and information technology and contacts with influencers in different industries.
  • UI / UX designer with a lot of graphic and animation experience.
  • Experience in designing and supporting large web projects and implementing change within companies.
  • Experience in developing the visible part (front-end) and the management side (back-end) of websites. Experience in creating web apps, developing large CRM systems (system in which customer relations are managed) and the development of business projects.
  • Strategist and world visionary. Implementing complex marketing and technological solutions in the ICT industry. Contacts with influencers in Europe and the US.
  • Entrepreneur in start-ups and innovations. Master in computer technology and applied mathematics with a major in economics.
  • Experienced data scientist and engineer in the field of Computer Vision & Deep Learning technology. Bachelor of science in applied mathematics. Supporting the Worldopely project with his AI integration (artificial intelligence), launching Smart Assistant and recognizing objects for the augmented reality effects in the game.
  • Project management, designing software products, managing global development teams, social media expert, marketing expert and crypto-expert.


  • Professor in computer science
  • Blockchain & Financial technology consultant
  • ICO, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Senior Advisor
  • Gaming Blockchain / cryptocurrency Advisor
  • Augmented Reality integration consultant
  • Creative strategic augmented reality / mixed reality / virtual reality consultant
  • IT strategy and program management consultant
  • Sales and social media marketing and strategic advisor
  • Creative marketing and ICO advisor
  • ICO and blockchain creative advisor
  • ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain advisor
  • ICO and blockchain game advisor
  • Strategic, business ICO advisor
  • ICO and compliance advisor
  • Senior ICO advisor
  • ICO investment and strategy advisor

Do you want to know more about the experience of the different team members and advisers? Read the whitepaper here Worldopely whitepaper


Development Worldopely

The past years the Worldopely team has mainly focused on developing the game, developing the business plan and attracting the first investors. For 2018 the following is on the program:

  • April / May: ICO.
  • July / August: Listing on crypto exchanges and start marketing.
  • August: Publication of the Beta version of the game with its own Worldopely economy and an internal exchange.
  • August: Integrating Artificial Intelegince for recognizing forms of buildings and testing Augmented Reality.
  • October / November: Edition of the stable version of the game in the AppStore and PlayStore.
  • Additional functionalities are added to the game during the year, such as reports about events in the game and the possibility of earning money from advertisements.
  • After 2018, the Worldopely team will focus on the further development of the game and Worldopely will also become available in the Microsoft Store.

Do you want to view the complete roadmap? Read the whitepaper here Worldopely whitepaper

ICOs in the same sector

The gaming market is competitive and there are big players on the market. Major players have substantial budgets and can therefore innovate and market on a large scale. As a starting gaming company you have to stand out. Worldopely contains the most sought-after factors of mobile gaming at the moment: augmented reality, real time, free to play, strategic and takes place in real locations. Worldopely is one of the first in the use of blockchain and DAG technology in the gaming industry. It has already been proven that the use of these technologies in games is possible. Google and Apple are actively promoting augmented reality at the moment. Worldopely can benefit from this. The ICO itself also generates a lot of attention. In addition, Worldopely offers an interesting game to play, in which money can be earned. This can attract many players.

There are no other ICO’s or crypto games that show similarity to Worldopely. Other crypto-games focuses on a niche, gambling or are online games instead of mobile. There are no other mobile, augmented reality, crypto games.


Advantages and points of attention


  • You can make (crypto) money without investing money. It is a risk-free way to become familiar with crypto.
  • The game focuses on a broad market of gamers. It is an accesible game.
  • It is expected that the gaming market will grow by 18% over the next 2 years. It is expected that 50% of the market will then consist of mobile games, this is 40% at the moment.
  • Worldopely will be free to download. Worldopely will make money through all the small purchases that players can make in the game. The threshold for spending money during the game is lower than when purchasing the game. For example, Pokémon Go has converted 800 million with the same financial structure.
  • The team of Worldopely consists of highly experienced team members and advisers in the areas of international technical business, software development and AI / AR / VR / MR, blockchain, ICOs, cryptocurrency and marketing.
  • During the next 3 years, 150 extensions will be added to the game to keep it interesting.
  • The game can be used for marketing purposes for other companies. For example, find a burger and get a coupon for a free burger. Or buy something at a store, scan your receipt and get coins in the game. Worldopely players can also earn money from marketing in the game.
  • Google maps is used as the basis for the game. This is a reliable and up to date system.
  • The game has an educational value. The game can help everyone to increase the topographical knowledge.

Points of attention:

  • Using blockchain in the game doesn’t only produces advantages, but also disadvantages. Transactions cost money and time. This is solved by allowing the small transactions in the game to take place separately from the blockchain (off-chain). Large transactions take place directly via the blockchain (on-chain). For this reason, different coins are used in the game: Worldopely coins (off-chain), WPT (on-chain) and building resource. Another disadvantage is that transactions are not reversible. If the players enter a wrong address, the coins get lost. Worldopely builds in security measures for this.
  • There is a lot of competition on the gaming market. Worldopely has many distinctive factors. Because of this there is a good chance that they will stand out.
  • Success of a mobile game depends on the player experience, word of mouth advertising and marketing. Team members seem sufficiently qualified to take on this challenge. But in the end it remains to be seen whether the game will catch on and become as big as Pokémon Go.


Investing in Worldopely

Investing in Worldopely brings benefits. You get a bonus and you can be one of the first to get access to Worldopely to buy streets and houses that can later be resold at a profit.

Whitelist / private sale until 23 April 2018

There is a whitelist where you can still register yourself until April 22, 2018. In this private sale you can buy WPT with a 20% bonus. In this phase you get 1% extra bonus for buying 5000 WPT.

Hardcap whitelist is 20,000,000 WPT.

PreICO and main sale

In the preICO from 23 April to 22 May the bonus will go from 20% to 10%. The main sale will start from 25 May. In the main sale the bonus is 5% for the first 20% that is sold, after which the bonus expires.

During the preICO and main sales you get 1% extra bonus with a purchase starting from 20,000 WPT, up to 10% extra.

Additional investment information

Hardcap is 150,000,000 WPT. A total of 200,000,000 WPT coins are issued. 50,000,000 WPT goes to the team, marketing and reserve. Unsold coins are burned.

If you purchase WPT via ByteBall the bonus is 5% extra. There is also no minimum investment on ByteBall.

You can purchase WPT with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Neo, Zcash, Ripple and Ethereum Classic. From the preICO it is also possible to pay with dollars and euros (in private sale only possible from the investment of 25 Ethereum). This makes it easy for non-crypto-experts to also invest.

An Ethereum wallet is required for receiving WPT. It must be an original Ethereum wallet, you can not receive WPT on an Ethereum exchange wallet.

Minimum investment is 1000 WPT

1 WPT is € 0.0975

KYC: Yes

Ready to invest? Through this link you get a 2% bonus Worldopely ICO


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